Nokta Anfibio Multi Metal Detector

Brand Nokta
Warranty 2 Years
Made In Turkey


Anfibio Metal And  Gold Detectors In Pakistan

ANFIBIO METAL DETECTOR is a model of Nokta Makro that has advanced level multiple frequencies of 5kHz,14kHz,20kHz.It comes with two Waterproof DD Search Coils. One of  11 inch and another of  5 inches. Depth range of ANFIBIO is up to 4 feet. It also has  2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones.  Further, it is advanced by its various types as ANFIBIO SERIES is launched that contains ANFIBIO MULTI METAL DETECTOR, ANFIBIO 14 METAL DETECTOR, ANFIBIO 19 METAL DETECTORS.

Anfibio Metal And  Gold Detectors In Karachi

It performs best irrespective of the place including park, beach or ancient field. Made for searching coins, relics or jewellery. It is user friendly because of the single menu design. That’s why is easy to use It is made in turkey with 2 years of warranty. From our store, You can get the best price of ANFIBIO METAL DETECTORS IN PAKISTAN.In ANFIBIO SERIES, ANFIBIO MULTI is considered as the professional best choice because of its depth, high speed and amazing performance.ANFIBIO 14 is considered best coin hunter and work as perfectly as other in ANFIBIO series. You can also deliver your ANFIBIO METAL DETECTOR IN KARACHI or any other city with cash on delivery services.


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