DEUS 11 is a product of XP metal detectors which first wireless and fully telescopic S-shaped deep seeking metal detector which is now available in Karachi


DEUS 11 Gold And Metal Detectors In Pakistan

Deus 11  is made with a technological advancement it is unique from other metal detectors . This is no more connected to wire what you need is just a remote control a wireless headphones and the communication happens with  a radio link.  This also works with more accuracy with a frequency of 35  frequencies from 3.7 to 27.7 kHz which can be increased or decreased .XP Metal detectors has a whole product line from DEUS gold and metal detectors which is available all over in Pakistan by Karachi Gold and Metal Detectors 

DEUS 11 Gold And Metal Detector Prices In Karachi

DEUS 11 covers depth of 3 to 4 feet this is made in France and specially designed for coins relics and gold hunting without any compromises on quality . it comes with multi tone discrimination ,notch , iron level and audio response with a pre-configured factory programs which runs 9 switch on and go programs and also has additional memory for personal programs which user can set according to its needs it also has power and recover adjustable and also comes with a five year warranty claim


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