DEUS 11+5+13

Deus 11+5+13 inch coil is made in France which is an advanced level detector that detects both gold nuggets and coins & relics and provides depth up to 6 feet and is now available in Karachi


DEUS 11+5+13 In Pakistan

Deus is an advanced level detector that comes with 3 coils of different sizes and covers different depths the five-inch coil is used for gold nuggets and works up to a depth of 2 feet while the 11-inch coils work for coins and work up to 5 6 feet depth while the 13-inch coil is designed for the relic.

DEUS 11+5+13 In Karachi

DEUS 11+5+13 Gold  And Metal Detectors provide depth of 5 to 6 feet which makes it very useful for the user because of its multi-function nature which can work on tracking beach pumping and manual mode it also comes with a USB cable for one mini & 3 min plus which is used to update software online and is packed with 110-volt power supply battery which works for 40 hours.  This also comes with customized and preset programming which makes it valuable for both beginner and experienced users  and its waterproof and weatherproof search coil makes it even more valuable



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