Fisher F19

Fisher F19 is gold/ metal detector made in USA this is known to be the best relic hunting machine which is now available in Pakistan in affordable prices and a five years warranty claim this series of metal detector is very user friendly easy to use for a beginner  level


Fisher F19 Metal and Gold detector

Fisher f19 is gold detector use to detect coins and relics with an 11 inch water proof DD coils and works up to depth of 3 feet these metal detectors are made by fisher lab which is a USA based company fisher f series specially made with ready and go technology so that beginner level users can easily manage with the lightest weight of  only 2.5 lbs. (1.1 kg). 19 kHz Operating Frequency with VLF technology for coins and relics hunting.

Fisher F19 Metal Detector Price In Karachi

Fisher f 19 has a 19-volt battery and can operate for 15 hours with a single battery it also provides real-time balance so that you don’t lose depth otherwise with automatic ground balance one can lose the sensitivity of detectors and also decreases depth so with Fisher F19 metal detector you can customize sensitivity at any level you want and also provides the best separation b/w iron and trash and also its Ground Phase value indicates the type of mineralization while Fe304 graphic indicates the amount of mineralization .this is now available by its Authorize distributors in Pakistan.

This is now available in Pakistan with free home delivery and great after-sales services.


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