Fisher F22

Fisher f22 is all purpose metal detector which can be used in land beach and sand and can work in extreme weather conditions and coil can be immersed in water which is water proof and weather proof is now available in Karachi


Fisher F22 Gold And Metal Detector In Pakistan

Fisher F22  is a product of fishers lab a USA based company, is use to detect metals  like coins & relics or any antique precious jewelry and are also used for inclement weather hunting & beach hunting. This is all purpose metal detector with a 9-inch concentric elliptical waterproof search coil so you can submerse coil in water.  IT can be used in extreme weather conditions whether it’s raining or a storm, this is not going to effect the performance of the detector.

Fisher F22 Gold And Metal Detector Prices In Pakistan

Fisher F series gold and metal detectors are is especially designed for beginner level users who wants  turn on and go designs, with a frequency of 7.69 kHz. This detector has 10 levels of adjustable sensitivity and  20 levels of adjustable volumes,  which means you can change its sensitivity to  the level  you want very easily. Fisher F 22 comes with a five year warranty claim so if there is any problem except external damage to detector the customer will get a brand new product . You can also visit our you tube channel to have a detail look of Fisher F22 gold and metal detector


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