Fisher F44

Fisher f44 is a weather proof , multi purpose metal detector made is USA used for coins, relics and beach hunting  with a 11 inch waterproof search coil is now available in Pakistan with 5 years warranty


Fisher F44 Gold And Metal Detector

Fisher F44 is a versatile weather proof multipurpose metal detector which is a very easy to use  for a beginner level they are also very light  weight with only 2.3 lbs.  they are use for searching coins relics  & articraft and also beach hunting because of its water proof 11 inch search coil and can detect metal  upto 3 feet of depth with a frequency of  7.69 kHz.

Fisher F44 Gold And Metal Detector Prices In Pakistan

It also has 20 levels of adjustable sensitivity and volume which user can set according to their preferences and it is designed for extreme weather condition like or storm which is not going to damage the coils. Fisher f44 metal detector also contain 9 segment screen which helps users to categorise what they have found with a depth indicator two digital target identification and overall large and easy to read. This metal detector is available with a 5 year warranty claim which means if anything except external damage happens to machine the company will be providing a brand new product to the customer

Traning and Setting


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