Garrett Apex

Brand Garrett
Made In USA
Operating Principle VLF
Warranty 2 Years


The Garrett Ace Apex is a brand-new, high-tech metal detector featuring the most recent Garrett Multi-Flex technology, which enables multi-frequency operation similar to that of the Nokta Impact and Minelab Vanquish metal detectors with even superior performance and sensitivity. The Garrett Ace Apex satisfies all the requirements of prospectors and treasure hunters by combining cutting-edge design with a large screen, exceptional performance, good detection depth on various targets, quick target recovery speed, and various useful uses. For a fair price, the prospector has to get a Garrett Ace Apex metal detector to unearth valuable objects and hidden treasures.

You may purchase the Garrett Ace Apex metal detector in Karachi, Pakistan, with a two-year guarantee. It was manufactured in the USA.


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