Garrett ATX Extreme

Brand Garrett
Made In USA
Warranty 2 Years


The most excellent multi-frequency detector for all terrains and complex conditions is the Garrett ATX (highly mineralized ground, saltwater, etc.) Modern pulse induction technology, a durable construction that complies with military specifications, and a ground-breaking DD coil design provide remarkable and uniform sensitivity from tiny gold particles to larger gold nuggets. On the other hand, the GARRETT ATX is a versatile tool that may be used for various jobs and metal-detecting pastimes, such as gold prospecting, relic hunting, and coin shooting.

The GARRETT ATX is a hardworking machine that offers the prospector the best performance in challenging terrains, including rocky regions and sandy soils. The GARRETT ATX is offered a two-year warranty in Karachi, Pakistan. This detector is made in the United States.


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