Jeo Hunter 3D

It is deep seeeking detectors with actual depth range up to 6-7  feet with three coil . It has 3D graph technology made in Turkey with 2 years of warranty.



Jeo Hunter 3D Metal And  Gold Detectors In Pakistan

JOE HUNTER 3D MAKRO  is considered as the most advanced detector for detecting hidden cavities and precious metal. It also clearly differentiate between the type of target and clarify that target is Gold, non-ferrous, steel or iron. It actual depth is 6-7 feet that can recover deep metals inside the ground. JOE HUNTER 3D MAKRO IN AFGHANISTAN is also available.  Its imaging system is very advanced as it gives a complete analysis of target structure, size and type through 3D image before digging the ground.

Jeo Hunter 3D Metal And  Gold Detectors In Pakistan

JOE HUNTER 3D comes along 3 coils one coil is of 100 x 60 cm, the second one is of 36 x 44 cm and the third coil is of 21 x 31,5cm.JEOHUNTER 3D graph technology is used for metal and cavity detections. It is one of the most expensive METAL DETECTOR in deep seeking detectors.JEOHUNTER 3D  dual system has both 3D and LED systems for deep searches and shallow recoveries. It is made in Turkey and has a 2-year warranty. The JEOHUNTER 3D help users to search in deep, dense and mineralized ground.



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