Racer 2

Racer 2 is an advanced gold and metal detectors with the 11-inch waterproof coil. It actual depth is 3 feet and has optional 15-inch coil available. It is made in Turkey and offers 2 years warranty.


 Racer  2 Metal And  Gold Detectors In Pakistan

Racer 2 is a racer technology advanced model of Nokta Makro and is based on VLF technology. RACER 2 is used to find coils and relics and jewellery. It is user friendly because of its single menu design which is easy to use. It is boosted with some amazing new features that will definitely fascinate user. One of the features includes advanced discrimination ability that allows the user to eliminate all other kinds of targets and to get display visual and audio cue on desire target. Similarly, another feature is High Performance and Unmatched Depth. Racer 2 Metal Detectors has Professional Design and Superior Quality, Pinpoint and Depth Indicator, Optional 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones, Vibration, LED Flashlight and Backlight, For Challenging Terrains and all of these features work so efficiently at their best level.

 Racer  2 Metal And  Gold Detectors In Karachi

Optional 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones is also available with it.RACER 2 comes with 11 inch  DD coil technology that is waterproof so can be used easily in wet areas but only it coils not racer 2.  The depth range of Racer 2  detectors is about 3 feet with depth indicators. It indicates different kinds of metals with various changes in audio and pitch. Racer 2 has also an optional coil of 15 inches available, if you want depth more than 3 feet then you can use a larger coil for better results. It is made in Turkey with 2 years of warranty. Now FREE CASH ON DELIVERY is available for RACER 2 across Pakistan.


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