Teknetics Alpha

Teknetics alpha Gold And Metal Detectors Prices In Pakistan

Teknetics alpha is Basic  level deep seeking metal detector  with automatic and manual  ground balance system designed for deeply embedded coins and relics hunting  with an 11 inch DD search coil with a 5 years warranty claim


Teknetics alpha Gold And Metal Detectors In Pakistan

Teknetics alpha is an  beginner level  versatile and powerful all metal detector. it is user friendly lightweight with 2.3 lbs only which makes it easy to handle with a 7.69 khz operating frequency . This metal detectors is an beginner level detector which is used to find deeply embedded coins, relics and antique jewelry no matter how old it is whether its gold silver platinum or any other metal.

Teknetics alpha Gold And Metal Detectors Prices In Karachi

It has 9 volt battery so it works 20 to 24 hours approximately and also has Preset ground balance for turn on and go operation so the user don’t have to bother about settings. It also has adjustable discrimination and notch which allows you to exclude categories that you are not looking for which makes your search more easy and specific.This detecto rhas adjustable its volume and sensitivity according to the needs of users which is very easy with just plus minus buttons available on the keypad buttons. Teknetics alpha also comes up with a five year warranty and affordable prices in Karachi .You can also check our other products from Teknetics Gold Detectors



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