Teknetics G2 plus:

Teknetics G2 Plus in Karachi

Teknetics G2 Plus is one of the best products made  by teknetics,  this powerful  metal detector is used for coin and relics hunting  detector with a super-fast recovery speed and 19 kHz frequency and is now  available in Karachi


Teknetics G2 Plus Gold And Metal Detectors 

Teknectics G2 plus is multipurpose metal detector which is an advance level metal detector used for deep seeking coins and relics hunting still easy to use a very user friendly interface with 11 inch search dd coil and works up-to 3 feet depth it has one touch ground balance with a ground phase which indicates type of mineral  while fe3024 graphics indicate type of mineral it provides all Metal pinpoint with depth indicator and 19 kHz operating frequency with ultra-light weight of 1.1 kg only.

Teknetics G2 Plus Gold And Metal Detectors Features

One of the best thing about Teknetics gold and metal detectors  is that it provides greater assurance even at depth that silver coins will be displayed correctly. This  gold detector is packed with 9 volt battery which works all day. Teknectics G2 Plus not only work on land but works greatly on beach and sand. On discrimination zero this gold detector  can find all kind of metals and provides more depth . This product comes with  5 years warranty claim so customers don’t need to worry about the quality and their money.


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