Teknetics T2

Tekentics T2 is a high-performance multi-purpose metal detector used for gold, coins, and relics hunting which is made by Teknetics a USA-based firm is now available in Karachi by its certified distributors Karachi detectors at affordable prices with five years warranty claim.


Teknetics T2 Gold And Metal Detector In Pakistan

Teknetics T2 is a multi function gold and metal detector packed with induction base technology and automatic and manual ground balance system. This metal detector is a perfect mix of light weight and balance  which makes it easy to use and transport. This is one of most popular detector advance level metal detector used for coin and relics shooting and gold seeking upto depth of 3 to 4 feet .We also have beginner level metal detectors in our store from Teknetics

Teknetics T2 Gold And Metal Detector Prices In Pakistan

It has simple menu which is easy to use and also a manual ground cancellation option which helps continuous ground monitoring and  a bar graph use to show ground mineralization which makes it easy for the reader to readout along with its double filter discrimination which allows customer to have more focus search and avoid trashy elements. 4- AA Battery of Teknetics gold and metal detectors  allows it to works more than 40 hours so the user don’t have to worry about the battery and work nonstop without any hurdles. It is a perfect choice for an advance level hunting with an 11 inch of DD coil which is now available in karachi official franchise of Pakistan Detectors Technology


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