XP Deus Wireless headphones

Xp metal detectors are technological breakthrough in metal detectors by introducing wireless technology in its detectors where xp deus wireless headphones are the main part they communicate via a radio link and provides digital display these headphones are now available in Karachi


XP Deus Wireless headphones Gold Detector In Pakistan

Xp deus wireless headphones are the most essential part of the detectors they come in to forms ws4 and ws5 which can  alone work with coil we don’t need the remote control or any other digital display it provides its own digital display from where the user can  monitor an change all the settings whenever they want and it is very easy to use for both beginners and advance level users.

XP Deus Wireless headphones Gold Detector Prices In Karachi

XP Deus Wireless headphones are perfect example of technological revolution in metal detectors this makes it easy to handle and operate these headphone separates via radio link with XP Deus Metal Detector both of these headphones are weather proof so you can work without worrying about weather condition for example raining its digital display also indicates battery level of both headphones and detectors and the battery works for 27 hours and also provides fast charge usb protocol of 2 hours the uses don’t have to worry at all about the battery.


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