Coin Finder Cf-77


CF-77 is an advanced level detector that is easy to use and is stable.It comes with 11 inch Coil and has actual depth up to 4 feet. It is made in Turkey with 2 years of warranty


Coin Finder CF77 Metal And  Gold Detectors In Pakistan


CF77 metal detector is a model of NOKTA METAL DETECTORS. It offers users stable performance that lets them search their target at great depth. It is best for detecting coins and relics and is a best seller category. It efficiency remains perfect even in difficult ground conditions also. Discover the targets that other treasure hunters have passed over with other devices. CF-77 has an 11-inch coil that is DD search coil and is also water-resistant. It differentiates between ferrous, non-ferrous and gold metal

Coin Finder CF 77 Metal And  Gold Detectors In Karachi

By producing different sound tones on each. It is made in turkey with  2 years of warranty.  CF-77 has 3 different search modes for an operation that are categorized as discrimination and non-discrimination mode. Discrimination mode includes MODE 1 and MODE 2 to make operation smooth and efficient while non-discrimination mode includes general that play role in providing maximum depth.


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