Ekibi M1

Ekibi M1 is a deep seeking detector with an actual depth range of 8-10 feet. It comes with 3 coils and has a 3D graph with a touch screen. It is made in turkey with 2 years of warranty.


EKIBI M1 Metal And  Gold Detectors In Pakistan

EKIBI M1  is one of the best deep seeking detector used for detecting large targets. It has low frequency so are not able to detect a small object. It is specially designed to find a deep-buried object that cannot be found by other small detectors. It actual depth range is 8 to 10 feet that make sure to uncover target by detecting its exact place. EKIBI M1  metal detector comes with 3 coils. One is 40-5- inch umbrella coil that is used for bulk and deep metals, second is a 17-inch coil, the third is a 12-inch coil.


EKIBI M1 Metal And  Gold Detectors In Karachi

It working need to understand a little bit because it differs from other metal detectors. It has a touch screen with  3D graphs. EKIBI M1 is deep, stable and easy to use detectors. It is compatible with Android devices. It is made in TURKEY and has two years of warranty. It is the best choice for detecting deep metals.


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