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  • nokta-simplex metal-detector-in-Karachi-Pakistan

    Nokta Simplex Ultra

    Nokta Simplex + Metal Detector Nokta Makro, a company from Turkey, created the Nokta Simplex metal detector. It’s a special tool that helps find different metals in the ground. This detector is even waterproof, so it can be used underwater. Here are some important things about +Simplex: 1. Different Sounds: +Simplex makes different sounds when…


    Teknetics Eurotek

    Teknetics Eurotek Metal Detector Imagine having a super cool gadget that can help you find hidden treasures like old buried treasures or lost coins! That’s what the Teknetics Eurotek metal detector is all about. It’s made for people who are curious about different kinds of metals and love the thrill of discovering them. **Introduction:** The…