Pakistan Detector Technologies Pvt. Limited guarantees that our devices are 100% genuine branded product with an official warranty.

Pakistan Detector Technologies Pvt. Limited working as an importer and distributor in the market, therefore we are not responsible for the performance, accuracy, and results of any device as per claims of the manufacturer.

Customer may return any detector in an original condition. Device must be unassembled in the original packaging. Device will only acceptable with manufacturer original warranty form and instructional manual.

Product without original serial number, missing parts and damaged device will not exchangeable in any way.

Original purchase receipt must be required at any return or exchange. The receipt must shows that the device was directly purchased by Pakistan Detector Technologies, Private Limited.

Customers can only exchange items/device they wish to return, rather than get a refund.
The device is not refundable. And can only be exchanged in case of upgrading. Pakistan Detector Technologies has the right to accept or decline any request of upgrading, exchanging or any other transaction in this regard.