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  • FISHER 22

    Fisher F22

    Exploring the Awesome Fisher F22 Metal Detector! Let’s dive into some cool facts about the Fisher F22 metal detector. This smart device can help us discover hidden treasures and interesting objects. We’ll learn what it can do, where it comes from, and even the extra goodies it comes with. Let’s get started! What the Fisher…

  • fisher-f44-metal-detector

    Fisher F44

    Brand  Fisher 
    Warranty  5 Years 
    Made In  United States

  • Fisher F75

    Fisher F75

    Fisher F75 Metal Detector The Fisher F75 is a metal detector produced by Fisher Research Labs, a company based in the United States. Fisher is known for providing a 5-year warranty for their metal detectors. The Fisher F75 is designed to detect a wide range of metals, including gold, silver, copper, and other valuable and…

  • fisher-f11-Metal-Detector


    Brand  Fisher 
    Warranty  5 Years 
    Made In

    United States


  • Fisher-F19



    Brand  Fisher
    Warranty  5 Years
    Made In United States
  • Garrett-Ace-200i-metal-detector-IN-kARACHI-FOR-SALE

    Garrett Ace 200i

    Garrett ACE 200i Metal Detector: The Garrett ACE 200i metal detector designed for first-time users and enthusiasts interested in the search for valuable and historical metals. Let’s explore its important features and details: 1. Operating Frequency: The ACE 200i operates at a common frequency of 6.5 kHz. This frequency is suitable for detecting a range…

  • Garrett-Ace-300i-metal-detector-in-karachi

    Garrett Ace 300i

    Garrett ACE 300i Metal Detector Garrett’s ACE series has brought us another exciting model – the ACE 300i! This metal detector comes from a renowned American company and is backed by a 2-year warranty. It’s an upgraded version of the ACE 200i, designed to offer more features and capabilities for those passionate about metal detecting….

  • nokta-makro-gold-kruzer

    Nokta Gold Kruzer

    Gold Kruzer Metal Detector The Gold Kruzer is a special metal detector made by Nokta Makro. It is fully waterproof, which means you can even use it under the water. The Gold Kruzer is designed especially for finding small particles of gold, like those near the shorelines of oceans. It’s good at finding tiny pieces…