ORX with 11 inch Coil


ORX 11*5 Gold And Metal Detector come with 2 coils, The five-inch coils are designed for gold nuggets detection it’s a multipurpose detector where the 11-inch coil is used for coins and relics.


ORX 11*5 Gold And Metal Detector IN Pakistan

ORX is an advance  level detector with an advance wireless technology which is more faster and accurate with the lightest weight of only 870 grams this one comes with an advancement its has two coils  11 inch water proof coil and is used for  coins and relics hunting and works upto 4 to 5 feet depth while the 5 inch coil is used for nuggets detection it is easy to carry  stem which just folds away and easy for transport and easy to change coils

ORX 11*5 Gold And Metal Detector Prices In Karachi

ORX Gold And Metal Detector by XP Metal Detectors  provides frequencies which is adjustable from 3.7 to 27.7 kHz Choose from 2 Gold Medal Plans, 2 Coin Plans and 2 User Customised Programs. Whether you are an experienced metal detector user or a beginner, ORX is easy to use, it comes with adjustable audio needle-shaped waterproof pointer, anti-interference system, restore lost MI-6 pointer mode , target zoom screen, 50  sensitivity level and precise positioning of the battery life can be up to 90 hours. The MI-6 is waterproof up to 6 meters (19.7 feet) and has a rechargeable battery. This metal detector is now easily available in all over Pakistan by its authorised distributors Pakistan Detectors Technology


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