Garrett Ace 300i



Garrett ACE 300i Metal Detector

Garrett’s ACE series has brought us another exciting model – the ACE 300i! This metal detector comes from a renowned American company and is backed by a 2-year warranty. It’s an upgraded version of the ACE 200i, designed to offer more features and capabilities for those passionate about metal detecting.

Let’s dive into the important features and details of the Garrett ACE 300i:

1. Operating Frequency:
Just like other models in the ACE series, the ACE 300i operates at a frequency of 6.5 kHz. This frequency range is suitable for detecting a wide variety of targets.

2. Search Coil:
The ACE 300i comes with a waterproof search coil. The coil size is typically between 7 to 10 inches, providing good coverage and sensitivity.

3. Sensitivity Control:
You can adjust the sensitivity level based on the ground conditions and target depth. Higher sensitivity can help you detect deeper targets, but it might also pick up signals from unwanted minerals in the soil.

4. Target ID and Discrimination:
The ACE 300i enhances the target ID capabilities. It provides more accurate information about detected targets, allowing you to make informed decisions based on the type of metal.

5. Depth Indicator:
The depth indicator helps you estimate the depth of a target. Keep in mind that this is an approximation and can vary depending on factors like soil composition.

6. Audio Alerts:
The detector offers different audio tones for various types of metals. This audio feedback assists you in identifying targets without needing to constantly look at the display.

7. Battery:
The ACE 300i typically uses four AA batteries, providing convenient power for about 10 to 12 hours of use.

8. Weight:
The detector is lightweight and user-friendly, reducing fatigue during longer detecting sessions.

9. Adjustable Shaft Length:
The shaft length can be adjusted to accommodate users of different heights, making it comfortable to use.

10. Search Modes:
The ACE 300i offers various search modes, including an All-Metal mode and Discrimination modes. These modes help you focus on all types of metals or specific ones, enhancing your target detection.

11. Iron Audio:
This feature allows you to hear iron targets, helping you decide whether to dig them up or ignore them.

12. Digital Target ID:
Each metal type has a numerical ID associated with it, providing detailed information about the target and aiding in target identification.

For the most up-to-date and accurate information about the Garrett ACE 300i metal detector or any other model in the ACE series, I recommend visiting the official Garrett website or reaching out to our representatives via WhatsApp.



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