Brand  Fisher
Warranty  5 Years
Made In United States


Discovering Treasures with the Fisher F19 Detector!

Have you ever wondered how people find hidden treasures buried beneath the ground? Well, I’m here to tell you about a special machine called the Fisher F19 detector that helps with exactly that!

The Fisher F19 detector is like a magical device that can find precious metals like gold, shiny silver, strong copper, and even iron. It’s like having a metal-finding superhero by your side. But how does it work? Let’s find out!

Smart Screen: The Fisher F19 has a clever screen that shows a number when it finds a hidden metal. It’s like a secret code that tells us treasure might be nearby!

Super Modes: Just like superheroes have different powers, the Fisher F19 has different modes. One mode helps us find all kinds of metals, while another lets us focus only on the treasures we want, like gold and silver.

Treasure Map: The Fisher F19 comes with a special friend called the “Pinpoint Option.” It helps us find the exact spot where the treasure is hiding. Imagine having a map that guides you right to the prize!

And guess what? There’s more to explore:

Comfy Armrest: When you’re on a treasure hunt, comfort matters! The Fisher F19 has a cozy armrest so you can search for treasures without getting tired.

Control Center: There’s a control unit that helps you set everything just right. It’s like the captain’s seat for your treasure-seeking adventure.

Waterproof Coil: The Fisher F19’s special nose, called a coil, is waterproof! It can even search for treasures underwater. It’s 11 inches wide, so it can find both small and big treasures.

So, if you dream of finding hidden treasures like gold coins or shiny jewelry, the Fisher F19 detector is your trusty companion. It’s like having a real-life treasure hunter right in your hands. Get ready to explore and uncover the secrets hidden beneath the earth’s surface!


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