Fisher F44

Brand  Fisher 
Warranty  5 Years 
Made In  United States



Fisher F44 Metal Detector

Are you curious about metal detectors? Let’s learn about the Fisher F44, a cool gadget that helps find hidden treasures!

What Does It Do?
A metal detector like Fisher F44 is a special device that can find different types of metals hidden in the ground. It’s like a treasure hunter’s tool!

Different Modes:
Fisher F44 has three modes you can choose from:

1. Jewelry Mode: Use this mode to find things like rings, bracelets, and necklaces that are made of metal and are valuable.

2. Coin Mode: This mode helps you find coins that might be buried underground.

3. Artifact Mode: You can even create your own mode for searching, like if you’re looking for something specific.

Screen Display:
The detector has a screen that shows you information. When it finds metal, it shows a number to tell you what it might be.

Adjusting Sound:
There’s a button to control how loud or quiet the sound is. You can make it louder or softer.

Staying Balanced:
The detector has a smart feature that helps it work well on different types of ground. It makes sure it doesn’t get confused by unnecessary signals from the soil.

**Finding Hidden Things:**
When you turn it on and start scanning the ground, if it finds metal, the number on the screen changes. This helps you know where to dig!

**Parts and Extras:**
The Fisher F44 comes with some useful things:

1. **Armrest:** You can hold it comfortably while searching.
2. **Seal:** Helps keep the detector safe from water.
3. **Shafts:** These are like handles you can adjust for your height.
4. **Waterproof Coil:** This is the part that does the detecting and can even go underwater!
5. **Company Warranty Slip:** This paper says they’ll fix it if something goes wrong.
6. **AA Cells:** These are the batteries that make it work.

**Learning Time!**
Did you know Fisher Labs, the company that makes the F44, has been around since 1931? They’re experts in metal detection!

So, if you’re curious about finding hidden things like coins, jewelry, or cool artifacts, the Fisher F44 is your partner in adventure! Just follow the numbers on the screen and have fun exploring.

Happy detecting!


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