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Gold Kruzer Metal Detector

The Gold Kruzer is a special metal detector made by Nokta Makro. It is fully waterproof, which means you can even use it under the water. The Gold Kruzer is designed especially for finding small particles of gold, like those near the shorelines of oceans. It’s good at finding tiny pieces of gold.

About Nokta Makro Company

Nokta Makro is a company from Turkey that makes metal detectors. These detectors help people find different types of metals hidden in the ground.

Important Features of Gold Kruzer:

1. Operating Frequency:
The Gold Kruzer works at a high frequency, around 61 kHz. This high frequency helps it find very tiny pieces of gold, even as small as grains of sand.

2. Search Coils:
The Gold Kruzer usually comes with two waterproof search coils. One is larger, about 10 inches in size, and the other is smaller about 7 inches. The smaller coil is designed for finding tiny pieces of gold, while the larger coil is used for finding slightly larger pieces.

3. Waterproof Design:
The entire Gold Kruzer detector, including the search coils, is waterproof. This helps you search for gold even in wet places like sandy shores or in water.

4. Sensitivity and Depth:
Because of its high frequency, the Gold Kruzer is good at finding tiny pieces of gold buried deep underground.

5. Search Modes:
The Gold Kruzer has different search modes for finding gold in various settings. These modes help adjust the detector’s settings to the type of ground and area you’re searching.

6. Target ID and Discrimination:
The detector shows you numbers and makes sounds to tell you what type of metal it found. This helps you know if it’s gold or some other metal.

7. Iron Audio:
The Iron Audio feature helps you hear the iron signals more clearly. It helps you decide whether to dig for iron targets or focus on possible gold targets.

8. Backlit Display:
The display screen of the Gold Kruzer has lights that make it easier to see, especially in low-light situations.

9. Built-in Rechargeable Battery:
The Gold Kruzer usually comes with a rechargeable battery and a charging cable, so you don’t need to change the battery often.

10. Weight and Ergonomics:
The detector is designed to be comfortable to hold during long search sessions. It’s lightweight and easy to handle.

11. Vibration Alert:
It has an option for vibration alerts, which can help you know when it finds something, especially in noisy places.

Ground Balance:
To make the detector work better in different soil conditions, it’s important to set the ground balance. This helps the detector perform at its best.

Remember, using a metal detector like the Gold Kruzer can be a fun way to search for hidden treasures, like gold!


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