Nokta Simplex Ultra



Nokta Simplex + Metal Detector

Nokta Makro, a company from Turkey, created the Nokta Simplex metal detector. It’s a special tool that helps find different metals in the ground. This detector is even waterproof, so it can be used underwater.

Here are some important things about +Simplex:

1. Different Sounds: +Simplex makes different sounds when it finds metal. It can find small and big things underground.

2. Waterproof Coil: It has a special round part that can go underwater. It helps find metals in places like the beach or under the water.

3. Easy to Use: +Simplex is made for people who are using a metal detector for the first time. But it also has advanced settings for experts.

4. Light and Comfortable: It’s not heavy, so you can use it for a long time without getting tired.

5. Different Modes: You can choose different settings for different places you’re searching in, like parks or fields.

6. Numbers and Sounds: It shows numbers on the screen and makes sounds to tell you what kind of metal it found.

7. Works at Night: The screen has lights, so you can use them in the dark or at night.

8. Noisy Places: If you’re in a noisy place, it can vibrate to let you know it found something.

Remember, if you’re using +Simplex for the first time, ask someone to help you understand how it works. It’s like a special treasure finder!


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